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    • ECRC Joint Seminars (Hartmann and Libuda Groups)

ECRC Seminars - ECRC Joint Seminar (Hartmann and Libuda Groups)

Summer Term 2023/2024

Hybrid event in Seminar Room 0.113-12 + Zoom, Wednesday, 13:00 – 14:00

Date Group Speaker Title Non-availability
18.10.2023 Libuda Felix Hilpert How the ionic liquid [C2C1Im][OTf] affects the stability of Pt(111) during potential cycling
25.10.2023 Hartmann Arooj Ahmed Support Design for Enhanced Catalytic Activity of Supported Ionic Liquid Phase System
8.11.2023 Libuda Zarah Hussain Hartmann
15.11.2023 Hartmann Katrin Städtke Ion exchangers from renewable resources
29.11.2023 Hartmann Raju Nanda
6.12.2023 Libuda Hanna Bühlmeyer
13.12.2023 Hartmann Muhammad Mujahid Anwar
20.12.2023 Libuda
10.01.2024 none Libuda, Hartmann
17.01.2024 none Libuda, Hartmann
24.01.2024 Hartmann Frederic Dietrich Scale up of strategies of macroporous zeolites
31.01.2024 Libuda Alexander Simanenko Tailored bimetallic Pd-Rh nanoparticles supported on Co3O4(111): atomic ordering and stability
7.02.2024 Hartmann Rebecca Reber Libuda



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